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Simplyhealth Professionals

Since Denplan and Simplyhealth joined forces in 2011, we've been working together successfully. So uniting under the Simplyhealth brand just makes sense. And we've a lot in common. Natural innovators, we've both grown in size and reputation. By working together, under one brand, we believe we can build on this shared reputation – ensuring a great future for you and your patients and clients. Helping people make the most of life is at the heart of what we do, it's our purpose, our commitment, our reason for being.

Same great service

Rest assured, the things you've come to value won't change. You'll still enjoy the same level of service from your Consultant as well as the same enthusiastic and committed practice support. What has changed of course, as a result of the rebranding, is access to a huge pool of opportunities. And whether you just dip your toes in or dive on in, it’s entirely up to you.


The Denplan payment plans will continue to be available, as you have always known them with the Denplan name. So, from your patients' point of view, they'll be on the same recognisable and trusted plan. In fact where your patients are concerned, there's nothing you need to do or change.

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From a pet owner's point of view, they'll have all the same benefits from the same preventive pet healthcare plan. The difference simply will be, that we will now refer to our products as animal health plans from Simplyhealth Professionals, rather than Denplan Pet Health Plans.

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